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Background report with comment from the Assistant Secretary of The Police Association of Victoria, Bruce McKenzie.  Reporter: Kay Morrelle

30 October 2013   The Victorian Parliament is debating new laws to restrict public access to DNA samples that are routinely volunteered to eliminate police DNA from evidence collected at crime scenes. The bills aim to further regulate the storage, use and destruction of evidence elimination samples given by police and others attending crime scenes, such as emergency services and forensic services staff.

The Police Association of Victoria has lobbied for the laws blocking third party access to its members’ DNA samples. Since April, The Police Association has advised police and Protective Services Officers (PSOs) attending crime scenes not to provide DNA samples until the law changes.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Kim Wells introduced the Victoria Police Bill 2013, and the Crimes Amendment (Investigation Powers) Bill 2013 which are still at the second reading stage.

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