Kay Morrelle gained her Master of Journalism in the School of Media, Film and Journalism at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Kay has worked in Editorial at The Age and as Secretary to the Editor at The Advocate. She teaches VCE Media Studies and ESL. Kay’s 2014 postgraduate research focused on the working experiences of Australian women press photographers. 


Kay Morrelle

ms.em – Kay designs, researches, edits, photographs, films and writes her journalism portfolio blog.

In 2011, Kay joined the award-winning student team of investigative journalists working on the long-term Dangerous Ground project at Monash University’s Department of Journalism, supervised by senior lecturer Bill Birnbauer. Dangerous Ground tracks environmental regulation in Victoria and around Australia. Kay has edited and written for the Dangerous Ground website.

In 2012, the Dangerous Ground website won the Journalism Education Association of Australia’s national Ossie award for ‘Best Use of Convergent Media’.

The JEA’s Ossie judge, Our World Today director Chris Campbell, commented that the Dangerous Ground team collaborated in a highly professional manner:

“They have provided the reader with an informing and diverse range of information, but kept such content in line with their vision.

“The platform gave a good level of interactivity, providing audio, video, and images to accompany stories, as well as a ‘documents’ section to share their resources with the reader.

“Generally, the content was of a high editorial standard, and the research and investigations were highly commendable. The exploration into the subject was deep and thorough, giving a true reflection of investigative journalism content… Great collaboration and a very informative online publication.”

In 2012, Dangerous Ground was awarded a Monash University Arts Faculty Award.

Kay’s feature story ‘Service station risks stay buried’ investigated the EPA’s management of Victoria’s contaminated petrol station sites:   http://artsonline.monash.edu.au/dangerousground/service-station-risks-stay-buried/   

em /εm/
noun (plural ems)   1. the letter M, m.  2. Printing – the square of the body size of any type (originally the portion of a line occupied by the letter M).   3. Printing – the unit of measurement of the printing on a page equal to 12 points; pica.  [The Macquarie Dictionary Online © Macquarie Dictionary Publishers Pty Ltd.]

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